Bad Weather/Academy Closure Information And Protocol

Academy Closure Procedure

The decision to close the academy is one that is not taken lightly and is based on the safety and welfare of both students and staff, many of whom have to travel a distance to get to school.

  • Where there is a loss of an essential services to the school which cannot be compensated by alternative provision or
  • When there are severe weather conditions adversely affecting the access to the school If the academy is closed due to a loss of a particular service i.e. water, electricity, gas etc., the Principal will implement the academy’s procedure for emergency closure. If possible temporary provisions will be made available during this time i.e. water containers, portable heaters etc.

There are times when weather conditions are so severe that the Principal may consider that the health and safety of the students and staff are best served by the academy. This may be to close early on the day, not to open at all following overnight weather conditions, or because of a severe weather warning affecting the following day.
In the event of students being sent home early because of poor weather, we will text parents and issue notifications on our Facebook and Twitter accounts

  • Display a message on the front page of the school website –
  • Post notifications to our Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Inform Walsall Council to be included on their list of school closures; they will also share this on their Facebook and Twitter accounts If the school is forced to close during an external examination period, arrangements will be made with the individual students concerned regarding the sitting of the examinations. These will always be shown on the website as well. If the closure is during the period of “mock” examinations then these will not run and will take place at a later date