Week commencing 8th January 2024: Year 9 options PSHE lesson  

Our Year 9 Key Stage 4 Options Process will take place from Monday 8th  January to Friday 2nd February 2024. As you are aware, this is a very important time for your child as they will be choosing their optional examination subjects. During this period, we will be providing a range of information that will allow you to make a fully informed decision about your child’s future.  

On Tuesday 9th January 2024 we will publish our Key Stage 4 Information Booklet on the academy website, which will provide information about the process and the subjects on offer. The choice of subjects needs some serious thinking based upon sound information and advice. Anyone who chooses a subject based upon what their friends choose, or because they like the teacher they have, could end up making a big mistake. 

There are lots of new courses that your child hasn’t studied before, which they will need to find out about. There are also subjects that they already know a lot about, but they must be aware that the subject and the way they learn may be quite different in KS4.  

We encourage all students to read the option book carefully with their parents/carers at home and discuss possible subjects and career choices. The booklet will include additional contacts in school including our Careers Advisor, Head of Year and subject staff. Please feel free to contact them if you require further advice or have questions.  

An option carousel evening will be held on Wednesday 17th January 2024 from 5pm –6.45pm. Students and parents are careers will have the opportunity to attend up to four presentations with the subject lead who will give an in-depth overview of their KS4 course.  Refreshments will be available from 4.45pm. 

Option evening subject presentations timings are as follows 

5:00pm-5:25pm   Option presentation LB/ AL 
5:30pm-5:45pm Option 1 carousel 
5:50pm-6:05pm Option 2 carousel 
6:10pm-6:25 pm  Option 3 carousel