Vision & Values

We pride ourselves on being a smaller 11-16 secondary academy with big ambitions for our 715 students. We may be small but we have a big heart and this warmth and strong care permeates every aspect of the academy. Though we are modern in our facilities and resources, we hold traditional values and these underpin everything that we do in the academy:

  • Respect; for each other, for learning and for ourselves is a core value and we expect every student to show that respect in how they treat others and in the way they behave in lessons and around the
    building. This helps us to uphold a harmonious community within and beyond the academy.
  • Ready; Being ready for learning in terms of attendance, punctuality, organisation, attitude and work ethic is a core value which underpins the drive for academic achievement that we have for every
    child. Time at the academy is precious and we need to make the most of every learning opportunity.
  • Safety; Being safe is our third core value and we want every individual to feel safe, happy and valued in
    the academy. We expect students to keep themselves safe and to avoid behaviour that affects the safety of others.