About Wider Opportunities - Enrichment At Brownhills

At Brownhills Ormiston Academy, we believe that enrichment can extend and broaden the range of educational experiences for our students, broadening horizons, helping them to discover hidden talents, try new things and to promote their growing love of learning. Brownhills Ormiston Academy students are encouraged to participate in as many clubs, trips and activities as possible; both on and off site.

We take pride in providing opportunities for our students to develop themselves beyond what is required of them by the national curriculum and motivate them to enjoy new forms of learning, building their cultural capital in a variety of ways.

Through the breadth of activities on offer, we ensure that every student has the opportunity to discover and develop existing and new talents and interests as well as reminding them that learning can be fun.

As part of the OAT family, we recognise that enrichment is a driver to support student achievement in the classroom.

We follow the OAT Charter, which encourages that all students have access to the following:

  • Experience live sporting events
  • Experience arts and culture
  • Visit British places/regions outside their local community
  • Experience cultures and countries outside the UK through overseas trips
  • Be a good neighbour in their local community
  • Gain valuable experience of work
  • Develop their character
  • Make a positive contribution to society
  • Develop lifelong interests and skills for life
  • Learn outside the classroom

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Wider Opportunities – Enrichment Lead – Mr J McGlynn 

Wider Opportunities – Enrichment Governor – Mrs S Fell