World Book Day 2023

World book day will be on 2nd March 2023. Every student will receive a £1 book token. Many books have a retail price of £1 making them free when the world book day token is redeemed 

The redemption period for World Book Day 2023 £1 is from Thursday 16 February until Sunday 26 March 2023. You can redeem your World Book Day £1 token at the following retailers: 

  • Your local independent bookseller 
  • Asda 
  • Blackwell’s (selected stores only) 
  • Morrisons 
  • Sainsburys 
  • Tesco 
  • The Works 
  • Waterstones 
  • WHSmith  
Please hand in the completed quiz to your form teacher by the 3rd March 2023

World Book Day Extreme Read

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