Animal Man

Many thanks to Louise,  a representative from the Animal Man company who visited us to educate students why animal are important to our ecosystems. She also provided up close and personal experiences with cockroaches, geckos, bearded dragons, gunnie pigs, an owl, a snake and our favourite of them all a honey bear. 

Student voice Impact 

Do you know the aims of World Animal Day?  190 /190 ( 100%)

Do you know about the five animal welfare needs? 190 /190 ( 100%)

Did you get to see animals that you have never encounter up close before? 190 /190 ( 100%)

Did you learn new facts about the animals during the workshop? 190 /190 ( 100%)

Are you glad the academy offered the animal man experience to you? 190 /190 ( 100%)

Verbal Feeback 

Across all years ” when can we do it again”

Aiden ” I loved Phil” (gunnie pig)

Millie” the honey bear was amazing to see and hold”

Staff member ” it’s been amazing supporting the students today, who new bearded dragons stomachs where so soft!”