Medical Mavericks - 9th February 2024

We are really pleased to announce a workshop for years 7-10 from medical mavericks Friday 9th  February 2024. If you love science or thinking of a career in the medical world this workshop is just for you.   

What are medical mavericks and what do they do? 

At Medical Mavericks we are opening the door to the world around the students we see, just enough so they can get a tantalising taste that will drive their ambition and inspire them to find out more. If they want it, they will kick down the door to open it further and do what ever it takes to run through it into a world they never thought possible 

Medical mavericks will give students the opportunity to use a variety of equipment including: 

1.Ultrasound Machine 

Students love using the ultrasound to scan their radius and ulna bones in their arm to search for their growth plates! 

2.iPhone Retina Scan 

This is a great activity that mixes Ophthalmic Science, Medical Engineering and Computer Science! Using an Ophthalmoscope attached to an iPhone, we can take a picture of their retina! 

Your students get to see their optic disc and blood vessels that are less than 1mm in diameter!  

3.Record and Print an ECG 

Students can record their very own Electrocardiogram and print a copy off to take home and stick on their fridge! 

They’ll get to see their P,QRS & T waves! 

On the back of the print out is a mini poster of all the NHS career sectors they can explore after the workshop 

4.Take Blood from Andy! 

OK, OK… we are not taking blood from a real person called Andy! But students do get to use a REAL needle to take fake blood from a phlebotomy training arm that we call Andy! 

It is all done under supervision in small groups, so it is all performed in a controlled environment.  

5.Try Keyhole Surgery 

This activity is all performed in the safety of a special box! 

Students can use laparoscopic instruments to complete simple tasks threading string and stretching elastic bands, whilst viewing their actions through a tablet camera. It isn’t as easy as it looks! 

6.Infrared Vein Scanner 

OK, I know we said 5, but we can’t leave this one out! 

Using some very cool medical physics we can project an image of your veins onto your skin by scanning them with infrared light! 

The way your body absorbs and reflects back the infrared light, changes the wavelength of the light which is picked up by the scanner and turned into the projected image you see on your skin!  

If your child would like to participate in medical maverick’s parent pay will open 9am on Monday 6th November at 9am. The cost of the workshop will be £8 per student. If your child receives free school meals the workshop will be subsided and parents will only be required to pay £5.