San Quentin

🎤 Visit from the band San Quentin

🎶 On the afternoon of 28th February, the 5-piece indie rock band San Quentin from Southend-on-Sea gave two fantastic performances at Brownnhills Ormiston Academy to Years 7 to 10. As well as performing their songs they also talked with students about the dangers and risks associated with drugs and alcohol, peer pressure and mental health. Liam Cass the guitarist shared his story about overcoming negative peer pressure related to substance abuse and Owen Eves the singer talked emotionally about his mental health issues following his parent’s break-up.

🎼Students were also given the opportunity through a Q&A to quiz the band on how they became musicians and what got them interested in music. Our students commented after each gig about how much they enjoyed it. Many of them talked individually with band members and got their autographs as souvenirs. It was a fantastic experience that we are proud to have been able to offer to our students.

🎸If you want to check out the band go to