Human Geography Fieldwork Experience – Year 11

As part of the GCSE geography course our year 11 students have completed a human geography fieldwork study, with a focus on urban regeneration in our local area. With the recent changes to the high street including the new McDonalds, closure of some shops and updates to Civic Court it is the perfect example of where regeneration has started and has been ‘somewhat’ successful. Our students chose three sites to carry out their fieldwork and was able to gather data that will support them in their summer exams. The students conducted themselves impeccably, with lots of positive comments from local passers by and shop owners.

‘For our Geography fieldwork experience we visited three sites along Brownhills High Street to determine if it has been successfully regenerated. We spent time collecting data such as a pedestrian count, a traffic count and creating field sketches. We also completed an environmental quality survey at each site and managed to conclude that regeneration has, to a certain extent, been successful.’

Alfie Fox – year 11.