OATVISION Song Contest

‘YourOATvision Song Contest’ 2024


This year we are launching a brand new competition for all OAT academies, The YourOATvision Song Contest. We plan to run the competition in line with the Eurovision Song Contest. We will announce our OAT winners at around the same time as they announce their winners! 

All OAT academies are invited to get involved. The competition involves students composing and performing a song around the theme of ‘belonging’. They belong to their school, their community, their family etc. What does belonging mean to them? A PowerPoint is available in the resources section which staff can use as a starting point. 

Pupils will then need to record and submit their entry to whom ever is running the competition at their academy. Please see the flier in the resources section for more information.

This is an exciting opportunity for all OAT pupils to get their groove on. There will be some exciting prizes up for grabs too! The cash amounts below can be used to buy music provisions for your academy:

First prize £500

Second prize £250

Third prize £100

As well as the above mentioned prizes, the overall winner will be invited to perform at the Ormiston’s Got Talent grand final which will be held in Birmingham at The Old Repertory Theatre.

How to submit:

Where academies have more than one entry, they will need to vote for their favourite and submit it to via the link, no later than 26 April 2024. All entries will be reviewed by judges on 3 May 2024. The winning song will be celebrated with an announcement on Friday 10 May 2024.

Submission requirements:

Quality audio or video recording of the song, no longer than two minutes long.

Submission guidelines:

  • Quality audio or video recording of the song, no longer than two minutes long.
  • Written copy of the lyrics.
  • A short description, either verbal or written, of how their song links to the theme of ‘Belonging’.
  • Solo, duet, and group performances welcome. (Groups should include no more than 15 performers.)
  • All submissions must include a completed credits list (in the resources section) which details names of pupils involved, year group, academy and their roles in the performance or composition.
  • Band or performer name where applicable.

If you have any queries, please either email via the link.

Competition categories and requirements:

We will choose one winner and two runners up. 

Sharing your news on school socials:  

Please use #yourOATvision to share any news or updates as this competition progresses.

Key dates:

Competition launches: 15 January 2024

Deadline for entries from students to staff:  19 April 2024

Deadline for entries from staff to OAT: 26 April 2024

Winners announced: 10 May 2024