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December 2022 Year 8 Sky Go student voice
Did you enjoy the workshop with Sky UP?100% said yes
where you taught about different jobs roles within the company SKY 100% said yes
Where you given a job role that focused on an area form the TV media production sector?100% said yes
Did you have to work as part of a team to create your media campaign?100% said yes
Following SKY Go visiting school would you now consider a job role in TV / media production?55% said yes
Did you experience something new that you had not tried before during the Sky up workshop?100% said yes  
Year 7 Whitemoor lake student voice
Did you enjoy going to Whitemoor lakes?92% said yes
Did you try an activity you had never tried before?75% said yes
Did you speak to someone new? (This can include teachers)71% said yes
Did you have to overcome a fear when trying any of the activities?58 % said yes
Did you give your peers encouragement to help them complete any of the activities they found challenging?77% said yes
Did the leader from Whitemoor Lakes speak to you about how they got their job?97% said yes
Did you enjoy the Pantomime96% said yes

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Multi-Faith Room, on the bottom corridor as you head towards PE from room 62. This is a safe, quiet space for all staff and pupils who may wish to pray, meditate, or reflect on a situation they may be going through.

UNCRC: – Article 14 – You have the RIGHT to choose your own religion and beliefs.

In the room are books of worship such as the Bible and the Qur’an, there are meditation and prayer mats and other inspirational messages.

The room is for everyone, even if you are not religious. The room can be used for times when you need comfort and time to reflect.

You can gain access to the Multi-Faith Room via prior agreement. 

Every Wednesday lunchtime Rev Gayle Greenway from St James Church will be in the school, she happy to speak to those who simply want a chat or to support with prayer